UFO Sightings | Weaver, Alabama | May 3, 2001 | 3 Objects – Aura or Haze, Hovered, Emitted Beams Of Light

Reported By: Michael G.

Event Description
I was outside on my porch looking toward the trees when I saw 3 blueish white colored half-moon shaped objects hovering above the trees.

They began to dance around the sky as if they were performing some sort of grid search. While they were doing this, they were all constantly changing shape from a half-moon to a circle. There was no sound whatsoever. Then the objects stopped moving.

They sort of faded away and about 5 seconds later reappeared in the same position and continued dancing about the sky. The center object began shooting beams of light down. Then the center object flew away very, very quickly. Then the other two followed.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Weaver, Alabama
Zip Code: 36277
Date: 05/03/01 
Time: 9:00 PM
County: Calhoun
Objects Shape: Changing
Number of objects: 3
Object emitted beams of light
Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Object changed colors
Object hovered
Object became transparent