Alien Abduction | Interview with Mr. Timothy Cullen – Abductee and Activist for Implant Removal and Research

Note: Originally posted on Mystical Universe on March 16, 2000

We learned of an individual who had surgery in Thousand Oaks, CA for the removal of an ‘implant’ from his arm. This surgery was performed on February 5, 2000. The gentleman’s name is Tim Cullen. I have requested that Mr. Cullen answer a few questions to give us his insight, wisdom and details regarding his life experiences. Here is that interview:

March 15, 2000
Mr. Timothy Cullen
Abductee and Activist for Implant Removal and Research

MU: “Mr. Cullen, the only information I have about you is from an article written and posted on an extremely popular Web Page, “Sightings.” Various topics are covered here, including Alien Abductions and Implants. Could you confirm that the information presented about you in that article is correct?”

Tim Cullen: This is correct.

MU: “There are a few items in the above article that give me ‘pause for thought.’ You are quoted as saying, that in 1978, you and your wife were driving on Highway 59, at about 11:00 PM. You encountered “a large object” that passed in front of your car. You then describe the object as being a UFO: “It was about a hundred feet long and ten feet high,” You do say that it was very dark that night and neither you or your wife could see very well. You relate that you both watched the UFO for a few minutes, then you “Turned to my wife and told her we might as well go on to town.”

QUESTION: Perhaps it is simply the tone of the article, but you don’t seem excited or surprised by this event. What were you thinking? What was running through your mind?

Tim Cullen: This is a good question. As I have stated, I had premonition of this event. It was of a great revelation to truly see that there were other intelligent beings in this universe. Also, the fact to perceive of, before hand creatures that you do not, and still do not, know nothing about is quite astounding for me to truly realize.

MU: “I understand that you had another UFO encounter, at the very same location two years later. At that time, did you suspect that you were being followed or tracked in some manner?”

Tim Cullen: I though this may have been done to confuse me, But I also realize I may not “know” all about this either. This has occurred to me as I have become more “knowledgeable” I was pretty naive through this time.

MU: “According to the description of the implant removed from your arm, the object is about 7 cm long and 4 cm wide. It is covered by a ‘reddish-brown membrane with several long, proceptors connected to nerve endings and it has
a metal core.”

QUESTION: “Has any progress been made in analyzing the implant? I am certain you are very curious as to the results of the scientific investigation, as we are.”

Tim Cullen: A little has been made. “Dr. Roger Leir” is doing his best as he can with limited resources. What is needed is to him to have access to the BEST technology on this planet, without question. Massive public funding for proper scientific study, in the lab and in the field. To be able to have the surgeries and the patients be done in a properly controlled environment. I feel that the American public must learn of this situation, I feel that the membrane needs to be analyzed and developed, in the public domain, as quickly as possible. It is a given that it can “HIDE’ metal in deep tissue, did it in my body for 20 years. We owe it to ourselves and our children, etc., to do what properly and MORALLY needs to be done. I have complete faith in “Dr. Roger Leir” and his A & S Foundation to see that this hopefully will happen. ALL of you who read this understand that I truly think God has put me in the here and now to help this extraordinary man with this, and if you people help I will assist and monitor for everyone.

MU: “Since the removal of the implant, do you feel more at ease? Has anything changed in your daily life?”

Tim Cullen: I use a little less salt and have seem to have lost my UFO “radar”

MU: “It is my understanding that you were to attend the International UFO Conference in Laughlin, NV Could you possibly give us any information you were fortunate to learn? Any details on others in your similar situation? The Internet has yet to produce any significant information from that Conference, including reactions to the NASA TAPES that were presented. Any details you could provide would be appreciated!”

Tim Cullen: This was an awesome and knowledgeable event for me. To say that I was not greatly affected would be a lie. I also feel that any comments I have to truly make I will do in public forum so discussion can take place. I will welcome invites from anyone so “Dr. Leir” and I can speak to their communities.

MU: “Lastly Tim, here at Mystical Universe, we have received many inquires from people who feel they have been abducted. Their letters to me are heart wrenching! We have established a separate section for LINKS to try to help them cope with what has happened, and resources to provide additional support. Any suggestions you could give them, here and now ?”

Tim Cullen: God is with us ALL no matter what. This is the only answer I can give to answer all the questions. I will say that in encountering other intellects that mimicry is a true compliment. We all must perceive ourselves as others see us to really understand sometimes some encounters. It is hard to try to answer for everyone.

Mystical Universe is proud to have had the opportunity to communicate with Mr. Cullen.

“It is not our intent to interfere in Mr. Cullen’s life, but to gain his knowledge and perspective”.

Mr. Cullen, Thank you very much!

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