UFO Sightings | Berlin, Germany | December 24, 2001 | 3 Objects

Reported By: Rudolf

Event Description:
Three (3) Objects flew from southeast to northwest in a very high altitude. They were very fast. Maybe 2 times faster than a satellite. And they looked like satellites.

First I thought it might be the ISS with a shuttle and something else. But at this time there was no team up there. They flew in a triangle formation. After some seconds (appx. 5 sec) the last one made a turn to the left side and then back to the right side. It was so fast, but elegant somehow.

During the sighting, that lasted 10-15 seconds, sometimes they disappeared simultaneously. As if someone switched off the light. The night was totally clear. For me it was clear that it couldn’t be the ISS. Then I thought of flying jets. But there was no sound.

I live outside the city (You can hear a bird snore). You can even hear planes (747’s) flying in 10 Km very clear. But then I abandoned the idea that it might be some jets.

In Germany (I think in the States, too) it’s strictly forbidden for Tornados, Eurofighters and other jets to cross big and smaller cities. Even small occupied cities are strictly forbidden. To see jets at night they must fly with the afterburner. But there was no sound at all. I worked for the air force and I know that Tornados are very loud (Not to mention the afterburner). And there were these seconds I couldn’t see them. It looked like throwing a flat stone over water and they dipped into the light and back down into the earth shadow.

So I abandoned the Idea of 3 jets, too. I don’t think pilots activate the afterburner every 2 seconds, and furthermore

Maybe they were recognised by a radar of one of the public airfields or the air force base here in Berlin.

Reported By: Rudolf
Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: December 24, 2001
Time: 4:17 AM
Zip Code: 14165
Witnesses: 1 
Object's Shape: Light
Number of Objects: 3
There is a Public Airfield in the area