UFO Sightings | Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India | January 4, 2004 | 3 Objects | Disk Shape | Hovered

Reported By: Prateek S.

Incident took place while we were visiting Jodhpur on famous “Palace On Wheels” (500$ per person charge!) train which stops there.

We didn’t complete the whole journey after we got down to Jodhpur as we had a terrible mix up, I don’t know what it was.

Here’s what we usually do while visiting Jodhpur :
1) Visit Lord Ganesha’s temple.
2) Check out our native house, after meeting all our relatives as they stay there only.

This is almost fixed, but since we were on “Palace On Wheels” we had to follow a schedule. 500$ is hell lot of money per head to go for a waste.

My wife and I got down and visited the Temple as usual and after that she went to meet her relatives and I went to a nearby shop to buy some sweets, which Jodhpur is famous for.

After that, I went to my grandmother’s house, where one of my sister’s child asked me to give a ride on motorcycle. We went to Ganesha’s temple. While climbing stairs, (there are about 100 stairs, as it is cut out on a mountain) the kid told me to look up in the sky, saying that he was seeing a falling star!!

When I looked up, as it was broad daylight 11:00 AM, I remember clearly I saw the object myself. It was disc shaped with clear structure. The shape I researched on net was almost identical to shown on this site: www.ufocasebook.com/jaliscolarge.jpg refered to me by Mystical Universe.

The object was big though and apart from hovering about 50 ft. above us, it became transparent for a while and then emitted two other egg shaped fiery objects. This was seen by more than 12 people, as they went to climb the stairs on Ganesh’s Temple.

After that we had a flash. I am feeling scared to even tell you this, but then after the flash… I found along with kid in front of Jodhpur Fort, which is very far from the Ganesh’s Temple, my bike was missing. We found the bike later on at temple itself and amazingly the battery was discharged.

Anyways, we reached home good 3 hours late. I had to walk with the kid for a long way from fort back to temple to get the bike and then back to drop him at his house. We missed the train. While our way back home, my wife and I both saw the object again. This time it was even more near. My wife was disturbed after the incident.

I am still having a scar with a circular shape on my back and also beneath my ear which appears to be of same size. I still suffer from the black outs. I had a similar incident while in Alwar. I was shocked to hear the same story here as well, on the just about the same place as mine…

Reported By: Prateek S.
Subject: UFO Sighting/Unexplained Event
Location: Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Date: January 4, 2004
Time: 11:00 AM
Witnesses: 12
Object's Shape: Disk
Number of Objects: 3
Object had lights
Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Object emitted other objects
Object changed colors
Object hovered
Object became transparent
Additional Information:  Outskirts of the City, Jodhpur Fort