Underwater Alien Bases Being Re-investigated

There has been a considerable amount of talk about unexplained activity in the oceans for years, but now the evidence is yet again being reviewed, with a focus on locating hidden alien bases at several sites considered significant by the UFO community.

The review examines underwater signals that scientists are perplexed by. The signals, picked up by deep sea listening stations, are known as ‘bloops’. In 1997, these bloops began being detected by U.S. Navy “spy” sensors placed 3,000 miles apart to detect the movement of submarines. A strange aspect of the “bloop” signals is that, from what scientists can gather, the object making the sound is organic in nature, but would have to be several hundred times larger than any known creature that has ever lived in the ocean.

There are hundreds of thousands who believe that the signals are ‘other-worldy’ in origin, and emanate from secret alien bases located deep below the ocean’s surface. Scores of credible witnesses around the world have reported objects floating through the air, and then subsequently diving beneath the surface of the ocean, never to be seen again. Other witnesses see objects emerging from the ocean and taking off at great speeds. Are there alien bases deep under the ocean? The idea seems like the stuff of science fiction, but if you look at how safe a location it is, it might just hold water.

Source: The Northern Star