Paranormal Activity | Spirits Downstairs | California | 2001 | Colored Flashes | Oval Shape | Ghosts

Spirits Downstairs

Reported By: Melissa

Event Description:
Every Friday I would go to my friend’s house across the street.

One Friday, I went over, and wandered about one room I never have seen before. It was a dark, never lit bedroom/TV room that was downstairs. I wanted to go down, but my friend and his younger brother told me about these spirits that lived down there. I, of course, did not believe them, and decided to go down. They followed behind.

When we were down there, the room was only lit up by the windows on the walls. It was quite dark. We decided to sit down and watch TV. We were peaceful for a mere fifteen minutes, but then something strange happened.

I suddenly started seeing these colored flashes. It changed color from blue to pink, blue to pink, blue to pink, then it would disappear before the next one came. They were a “blobby” oval shape. I asked my friends if they could see the objects, and I’d point the locations they had been. They said they saw the exact same thing. The objects appeared everywhere in the room, except for the light. My friends said that the spirits were completely harmless.

I saw them every time I went to that room. I got a bit used to them, but I couldn’t see them anymore in early 2003. I kind of miss those guys.

Subject: Paranormal Experience
Location: Somewhere in California
Date: 2001
Witnesses: 3
Number of Objects: In excess of 5
Objects had lights
Objects had an Aura or Haze around it
Objects emitted beams of light
Objects changed colors
Objects became transparent