UFO Sightings | Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina | January 1, 2001 | Objects 3 | Lights | Made Sounds

Reported By: Dimitrije L.

Event Description:
Unexplained sighting. We were coming back after a party thru the woods. Graha (my friend) ask me what was the time, and I saw it was a 5 minutes to 5. Then we saw something.

It was a light in field in front of us. Two of my friends run to see what was it. Then suddenly light became stronger and my Walkman stopped, like he is out of batteries. In the meantime, I reach the field, and it was amazing view, 3 object were in about 20 m above us and not moving.

Then a very strong light put us on the grass. I was blind in next few seconds. Then the light stop and objects start to go around and around of us, but they were climbing up in the same time. I could not stand up in next five minutes. Walkman start with music, and I felt much better.

When I stand up, I help the others to get up. All of us were in shock. We all saw the same thing. After that I did not no what to do, because I could not go to the police and to tell somebody, because nobody will believe. Then, when I got home I had an idea to publish this on the Internet, so I start to search and I find this page.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Banja Luka
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zip Code: 51000
Date: January, 1, 2001
Time: 5.00 PM
Witnesses: 5
Objects Shape: Disk
Number of objects: 3
Object had lights
Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Object emitted beams of light
Object changed colors
Object became transparent
Object made sound
There was interference associated with the object
There were High Voltage Power Lines in the area
There was a Radio and or TV transmitter near by