UFO Sightings with Photos | New South Wales, Australia | Lake Eucambine | Reported On December 13, 2005

The Following UFO report, from New South Wales, Australia,  is considered by Mystical Universe to have an 85 to 90 percent chance of being explainable in terms of secret, high tech terrestrial technology.

That does not detract from the fact that the object IS Unidentified, and flying, and if made by mankind, it poses its own set of questions as to what, why and how it was flying over a non advanced, very much out of the way, friendly country, with no known super advanced, stealth equipment or secret testing bases.

Reported By: Gavin S. – December 13, 2005 – UFO Sighting with Photos

Event Description:
My name is Gavin.

I took this photo while I was away on a fishing trip

The location was Lake Eucambine in the Snowy Mountains. The nearest town being Adaminby, with a population of no more than 300.

I did not notice anything in the sky when I took the photo. I was just taking photos of the sun set and not till I got home, did I notice the object in the top left hand corner.

I am just sending this in to see what someone else thinks .

I would love to hear what you may think

Gavin S.

Possible UFO over Lake Eucambine in the Snowy Mountains

Editor’s NOTE:
Possible UFO over Lake Eucambine in the Snowy Mountains enhanced

In photo program I (Mystical Universe) adjusted colors to auto levels - made the shape of the object pop more.

The following is background information provided by Brad Mildern, “Aussie” UFO Investigator.
In addition, Mystical Universe is including more detailed data ascertained via emails between Gavin and Brad.

The Lake Eucumbene is a man made lake in the South east mountain area of NSW known as the Snowy Mountains. The lake is a part of the world famous Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric scheme, built by thousands of Immigrant and Australian workers after WW2 to redirect a major river inland across the Snowy Mountains through dams and tunnels.

It provides hydro electricity to most of NSW and some of Victoria and Irrigation water for millions of square miles downstream.

It is situated almost due south of Canberra and is near the Australian snowfields and our highest mountain, Mt Kosciousko in a deep long mountain valley.

The site is only a few hundred kilometers due north of a controversial Air Force Base at Sale on the eastern Victorian coast. Some have said that secret US technology has been used/tested at the airbase over recent years but no proof has been offered yet. The base is not known to have super secret security sensitive areas like for example area 51 in the US.

Email Dated Tuesday, December 13, 2005 – 11:27 PM

Hi Gavin
Thanks for contacting me and thanks for the photo.
If you don’t mind I’m going to post it as an important sighting on my Mystical Universe website and I’m going to email it to my Associates in the Australian UFO Research Network to see what they think.

One of the first things they will ask me is what type of camera, and what settings, did you use. It would be useful if you could tell me the answers.

Personally I think the photo is a very good example of a genuine anomalous object (UFO)
I think it is a real object. It is certainly unidentified, and although it resembles vaguely some of the more secret new US designs of military stealth planes and unmanned reconnaissance/attack drones, that only makes it more mysterious.

If it is US Military what is it doing in our skies (It takes a great deal of organization, refueling stops, etc., to reach southern Australia from their bases in the US) What would make it worth their while??

On the other hand it may well be an ET type of UFO. Problem there is that they do not normally appear with wings and a tail, but they have done so on rare occasions and certainly appear in dozens of other shapes so why not this?

I will get back to you with the comments of other researchers as they come to hand.

Email Dated December 14, 2005 21:05:21 +1100

thank you for your response

at least someone thinks that I’m not crazy

the camera I was using was the OLYMPUS E-300 on manual setting with a polorisation filter on

hope to hear back from you again on what other people think

regards Gavin