Paranormal Activity | Grandfather Dies And Sheep Acts Strangely | Carlow, Ireland | 1998 | Unusual Behavior

Reported by: Jonny

Event Description:
My grandfather passed away at one o’clock pm, and at 1:30 pm a sheep began to stare in through the window of the house. The sheep was on the side of the house by the road, and it would not run away from dogs, cars or people. It never moved from the spot until my grandfather was buried. When we arrived home from the funeral, he was still there, but the minute I opened the door of the house, it finally moved and ran down the road. While it was there, it did not move, even when cars where trying to park for the wake. It did not even move to eat grass or drink water. It stayed there for three days and nights. We even checked it during the night, and it was still in the same position. How do you explain that?

Subject: Paranormal Event
Event Location: Carlow, Ireland
Date: January 21, 2009
Time: 1:30
Hour: PM