UFO Sightings | Flagstaff, Arizona, USA | April 3, 2005 | Single Object | Triangular Figure With Three Lights

Reported by: Anthony

Event Description:
I was on a trampoline, jumping in my friend’s backyard, when suddenly we saw a triangular shape with a red light and two blue lights approaching. It seemed as if it was coming closer and closer to us, and it was so close at one point, that it appeared to be hovering above the neighbor’s yard. Spooked, we went inside.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Event Location: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Country: USA 
Date: April 3, 2005
Time: 8.00
Hour: PM
Witnesses: 2
Additional Information: In a regular neighborhood
Lights: Object had lights 
Did the object hover: Object hovered
Objects Shape: Triangle
Number of objects: 1