UFO Sightings | Plattsburgh, New York, USA | May 28, 2010 | Triangular UFO Baffles Witnesses | | Three Lights | Triangular Shape

Reported by: Yvette

Event Description:
We first thought it was a star. It was brighter than the rest. and then I thought I saw it move, and it seemed to shimmer a bit. Then as we were watching it, it moved, but not in any direction a plane would move. It moved side to side, and then up and down. It then changed color from the bright white, to a red, then it looked like the light was flashing and then it changed to white again and shimmered. As we were watching it, I took out my cell phone to take a picture of it. The only thing that showed up was the three lights, 2 whites and 1 red light in color.

It then moved again, and went right over the top of us, about 3 telephone poles high. We noticed it was triangluar in shape, made absolutely no noise at all, moved extremely slow (like maybe 5 mph), and then it turned and went the other way. Our children, who were at the park hanging out that’s about 150 ft away, came running over yelling, “Did you see that thing in the sky? Did ya see the colored lights and the shape of it? It was really cool to say the least. About 4 nights later we saw the same thing. It didn’t hover for as long as it did the first night we saw it, but the same colored lights, and absolutely no sound. I do have a picture on my cell phone, maybe three..it was dark all you see is the lights, but can tell its a triangle shaped object.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Plattsburgh, New York, USA
Country: Clinton
Date: May 28, 2010
Time: 10:30
Hour: PM
Witnesses: 8
The event took place near: A Military Airfield or Base
Additional Information: Plattsburgh AFB closed almost 15 years ago
Lights: Object had lights
Did the object hover: Object hovered
Objects Shape: Triangle
Number of objects: 1