UFO Sightings | Corpus Christi, Texas, USA | March 20, 1998 | Dim Light | Orb | Coworkers Watch Light In Sky Stop And Change Direction

Reported by: R.

Event Description:
Late one spring night, a co-worker and I were handing up equipment to two other co-workers standing over us. I noticed a dim light high in the sky moving very slowly. Thinking it was a satellite, I mentioned it to the other guys. Only the fellow standing with me saw it too. He thought it to be a satellite. The light was traveling in a southeast direction. We were discussing satellites, and how in the 50’s when we were kids, we used to lay on the ground and see how many we could see. Then the light came to an abrupt stop. We could barely see it, as it was not moving any more and was up very high. It stayed still for about thirty seconds, then started to move in a southerly direction. It appeared to be moving faster than before, and it then changed direction again, without stopping, and took off in a southeasterly direction. It continued in this direction, until we couldn’t see it anymore. None of us had ever seen a satellite stop and change directions. We’re not sure what it was , and it was too high to have heard any noise if it had made any.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Event Location: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Date: March 20, 1998
Time: 11:30
Hour: PM
Witnesses: 2
The event took place near: A military airfield or base
There were: High voltage power lines in the area
Additional Information: Near a refinery
Objects Shape: Point of Light
Number of objects: 1