UFO Sightings | Enon, West Virginia, USA | July, 2007 | Grey Colored | Grey Colored Box / Brick Shaped Object

Reported by: Shelby

Event Description:

We moved to a little town called Enon, in West Virginia. Over the course of our 3 years there, every summer you can be outside in daylight (could happen in mid-day or afternoon) and see weird things. Many people living in the trailer park would also be standing around, lookin up at the same time I was outside. They also saw the object. They objects fly in the same direction, like they take the same course. I have also seen the low flying military planes following this same course, so maybe they are related. Anyways, the object looks like a grey colored box. It is brick shaped, and longer than it is tall. It is completely silent, and flies at the speed of a hot air balloon, very slow. At first when I saw it, I thought perhaps my eyes just weren’t focusing clear or something. I believe I was carrying in groceries the first time i saw it. The next time I saw it, I made the old lady and kids come out and look. It’s been since last summer I saw the object, or objects. I am not sure if I saw the same one, but I, my kids and my neighbors all saw the object. Afterward, I thought about it. Why no sound? And how could something apparently heavy, not fall at that slow of a speed? This drew my interest more and more. I felt lucky to be able to veiw these things for at least ten to fifteen minutes at a time. They usually were spotted almost straight up above me, then I could watch it fly out to the horizon. I would say it was a few hundred feet high. There were no markings or unusual colors, or lights. No trail of smoke or anything behind it. I never had the oppurtunity to view them with a pair of binoculars or telescope. After I went and got a set of binoculars I never saw it again, but I never really sat outside and looked for them. It just seemed as I would be outside I would just happen to look up and see it. Everyone in the area had seen them, and would readily talk about them. They all wonder the same things; Why silent? How does it stay in the air? Why no windows or wings? How does a square box just float through the sky? Someone should seriously visit the area during the summer and check this out. You will see it.

I also saw another strange thing one night, just as the sun had went down. I was standing outside talking to my uncle and father, who’d came to visit. I think we may have seen a shooting star, or meteorite, I guess would be the appropriate term. I looked up because I saw an object that kind of glittered a few seconds, then heard a loud noise like a welder makes while welding. The light was so bright from it, that for several seconds it looked like a bluish white light like a welder makes. It began not so bright, and it was like cigar shaped. It kept on going until it disappeared over the nearest mountain. All total, we veiwed it about ten seconds. Lots of unexplained objects get spotted around these parts. Also, my other uncle and 8 other people, were in a nearby town called Tioga. They were up in a strip mine area, and were veiwing stars through a telescope. Suddenly they saw a bright light, the size of a headlight, coming directly at them. He said it went faster and got larger as it got closer. It began getting so large and so fast, that everyone began to take cover thinking it was something about to crash. The whole area lit up like daylight, then it went back the same way it came and dissapeared out of sight. They all saw the same thing, and were all in shock over what they saw for a few days. They could not determine what it was, and thought they all almost died.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Event Location: Enon, West Virginia, USA
Date: July, 2007
Time: 6
Hour: PM
Witnesses: 2
Objects Shape: Rectangle
Number of objects: 1