UFO Sightings | Azille, Carcassonne, France | June 20, 2001 | Witnesses 3 | Object Hovered | Cigar Shape

Reported By: Val

Event Description:
On 20 June 2001 in mid afternoon, fellow students and I were resting in the garden of a villa in Azille, a rural village in the South west of France, near the foothills of the Pyrenees. We were on a painting holiday. It was a very clear, bright and sunny day. Whilst we were chatting, we looked up and noticed a very bright, silver object in the sky probably several thousand feet up, above the house. We commented idly that it was a plane – simply because this does not appear to be an area that attracts much air traffic and therefore to see a plane was a bit of a novelty! We thought no more of it until one of the other students looked up, approximately two minutes later and noticed that the object was still in the same position.

As we looked, it began to move south, towards the Pyrenees. At this moment, my art teacher commented that he felt there was something odd about the object and he couldn’t see any wings, so as we headed up the garden, I asked for the binoculars. By the time I got them, the object was already picking up speed, but looking through them I was able to see that the object was cylindrical or cigar shaped.

There was no sign of any wings. It was very bright silver. There was no sound (a fact I particularly remembered a few days later when a plane flying high still left sound in its wake) and no vapor trail. I passed the binoculars to another student but between looking away and looking back, the object vanished.

As we were on a hill with a wide plain between ourselves and the mountains, the object should still have been visible in those few seconds. My fellow students shrugged off the sighting, but I can’t believe that we saw a weather balloon or satellite.

Reported By: Val 
Subject: UFO Sightings 
Location: Azille, Carcassonne, France
Date: 20/06/01 
Time: 4.00 PM
Southern France, rural area
Witnesses: 3
Objects Shape: Cigar 
Number of objects 1
Object hovered