Alien Abductions | Gold Coast, Australia | Tallai | Witness 1 | Object Emitted Beams Of Light

Reported By: Susan R.

Event Description:
I have always lived and visited the area behind the Gold Coast area. Tallai to be exact.

One night lots of years ago, I used to visit my friend in Tallai. I was only a teenager. We used to have late nights.

This night driving down a country road, I noticed a very bright light behind me, I was feeling a bit under the weather, drinking so forth, and tried to dismiss it. But it became more and more apparent that this was not a normal thing.

The light was very intense behind my car then all of a sudden it was right upon me. Scared, as I was only a teenager, I didn’t know what to do and all I thought was this was something really creepy was about to happen. But just like it appeared it was gone again.

I suppose I wanted to put it out of my mind as most people discredit this sort of phenomenon. But then I ended up buying a property on this particular road.

One night, I remember lying in my bed besides my husband and I couldn’t move, time was irrelevant and my whole bedroom was alit with this fantastic glow. I kept remembering trying to wake my husband with no avail.

I don’t remember after that, except waking to think what had taken place must have happened in a matter of seconds as time had stood still. But once again years after I had children in this house, I distinctly remember (it seemed like a dream) introducing my children to these people who were exactly as everyone describes them to be as large big eyes quiet, but able to get across what they want to convey.

My children were scared but I remember saying don’t be scared of these guys (knowing in my mind it was the big greys you had to be scared of). They’re are different types, some nice and some very, very scary.

Subject: Abduction By Aliens
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Zip Code: 4213
Time: 1:00 PM
Witnesses: 1
Object's Shape: "Light"
Number of Objects: 1
Object emitted beams of light
Object landed - Object hovered