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Dad Went Through The Wall

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Event Description:
Around 1996, my Daughter Leanne was going through a marriage break up and was living with my wife and me in Nowra, NSW. She had her baby son, Brent, with her.

One night, thinking Brent was disturbed and in need of a nappy change, she got up to go to him.  As she left her room and started to enter his, she saw what she thought was me, her Dad, standing in the doorway looking in on Brent. She went to place her hands on what she thought was my back, to ask me to move aside. As she did so, the figure of me did move aside, straight through the wall disappearing into the room where I was peacefully sleeping. At the point where the figure went through the wall, it would had to have passed either into me or through me, as my head was against the wall, right at that point.

Was this “My” spirit walking the house and looking in on Brent before I was even dead and unbeknown to me? Or, was it some different spirit checking up on Brent’s cries?

Somehow I’m more comforted thinking it was in fact “My” soul walking around unsupervised. If that is true then at least I know I have one, but I wish it would “report in” more often! :o)