UFO Sightings | Ox Mountains, Roosky Lake, County Mayo, Ireland | June 24, 2006 | Witnesses 1 | Objects 1 | Object’s Shape Sphere/Ball

Reported By: Robert G

Event Description:
I was rowing a boat for a fly fisher at the trout lake where I work which is located in the Ox Mountains, Co.Mayo.

We were fishing late for the late evening sedge hatch. Fishing was good and we had taken about six trout.

While the angler was casting towards another trout, a star or two was showing in the twilight. A movement caught my eye and I looked up. It was as if the brightest star in the sky was moving erratically from side to side and up and down, falling and getting bigger.

As this would be absolutely impossible I was extremely perplexed. I wondered was I seeing things. I therefore asked the angler to look up and tell me what he could see.

“My goodness what is that?” he asked. Exactly I stated, what could it be. The object was moving towards us very fast and erratically moving about the sky as it came towards us. It soon was larger than any star.

However it was star like in that it emitted very bright and clean white light. It was a large ball of light. A ball of light capable of moving very rapidly.

It came quite close and then changed direction. It was under cloud level, the sky was part cloud but mainly clear.

I asked the angler could he hear anything? Nothing,. “Yes, there is silence” I said. He said there is no smoke, no vapor trail, no noise. “Its moving very fast” the angler said. Yes but its not making a steady line like a plane would do either. Its erratic in moving up and down sharply as it goes along, odd little jumps every now and then.

“At the speed if a plane did those moves it would disintegrate” I said. “Yes the passengers would be straight through the roof” he said.

It had come towards us, was moving across and was now going away … from us.

“Look at the intensity of the light!” I said. No matter which way it is going, towards us, away from us, up or down, sideways the light is always the same. Its a ball of light, like a big star.

“Its building up speed” the angler said, “Nothing can move that fast.” The object covered a vast distance in a short space of time and was gone fading into the distance.

The whole experience lasted several minutes. It was as if it came to inspect us in an excited state, it stopped near us then moved across to the mountains then sped away.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Ox Mountains, Roosky Lake, County Mayo, Ireland
Date: June 24, 2006
Time: 11:00 PM
Witnesses: 1
Number of Objects: 1
Object's Shape: Sphere/Ball
There is a body of water in the area
Additional Information: Mountains