UFO Sightings | Pernu, Melaka, Malaysia | January 1, 2006 | Objects 1 | Witnesses 1

Reported By: Ahmad

Event Description:
I saw UFO in early morning on New Year 2006.

It’s hard to explain to others but for me I believe it…the object suddenly lost from my views after I started moving from my place…I felt so different then airplane…it moves slowly and no sound appeared.

So don’t say that I’m crazy…watch by ur own eyes and you will never forget.

Subject: UFO Sightings
Location: Pernu, Melaka, Malaysia
Date: January 1, 2006
Time: 5:00 AM
Witnesses: 1
Object's Shape: "Light"
Number of Objects: 1
Object had Lights
Object emitted beams of light
Object became transparent