UFO Sightings | Helmond, Noord Brabant, Netherlands | September 12, 2000 | Witnesses 1 | Blue White Explosion

Reported By: R. W.

Event Description:
There was a quite bright ‘blue/white explosion like’ event in the western sky, it was about 40-60 degrees up and lasted about 3 seconds.

The best description I can give is… it was similar to the flash from the star-trek engines only much more ‘blueish’ in color.

I saw it directly ahead of me, my friend who was sitting next to me, saw it from the corner of his eye. This just after midnight on Sept 12, 2000.

Subject: Unexplained Event UFO Sightings
Location: Helmond, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
Date: September 12, 2000
Time: 00.15 PM 
Witnesses: 1 
Objects Shape: Flash 
Number of objects: 1
Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Additional Information: new housing construction