UFO Sightings | Blenheim, New Zealand | September 2003 | Witnesses 4 | Objects 1 | Zig Zaged From Side To Side | Strange White Light

Reported By: Stellar F

Event Description:
We had just arrived to Blenheim the day before. I am 17 years old and I know what aiplane looks like or any kind of known aircraft.

It was 12.30 AM and me and some of my friends were extremely bored so we decided to go for a drive to a bay just on the coast..

It’s a very quiet secluded bay which looks off the coast between the north and the south islands of New Zealand, quite far away from any where. We were just parked on the shore when I noticed a strange white light moving about all over the place in the sky. I told my friends but they weren’t interested, and told me my eyes were playing up, so I forgot about it.

About ten minutes after I had seen it, my friend saw it, which brought all of our attention to it. It moved all over the place, just a plain white light in the sky. It wasn’t low or anything, just up there, we sat there and watched it for about thirty minutes, we were all facinated by it.

It moved like I had never seen a plane or anything move before. It darted up and down. It zig zaged from side to side, far above the agility of any plane or helecopter, and it moved at a fenominal rate of speed, as well.

But? It just stayed there for ages, about half an hour. We all got tired of watching it and went home. But, ’til this day we have never seen anything like it..

Subject: UFO Sightings 
Location: Blenheim, New Zealand
Date: September 2003
Time: 12:30 AM
Witnesses: 4
Object's Shape: Light
Number of Objects: 1