Ufo Sightings | Cebu City, Philippines | March 9, 2002 | Restaurant, hilltop of Cebu | 30 Witness | Fireball | Bright Blue Light

Reported By: Ian
(Follow up from Warren, Michigan regarding Ian’s sighting below as well)

Event Description:
I was at the veranda of the restaurant with my friends, enjoying the city lights below, when suddenly there was a bright blue light (like it was caused by lightning) that lit up the whole of the city.

It was like daylight. As this happened, I looked up thinking that i might see a lightning bolt only to see a great ball of fire (blue in color) with a trail of blue streak behind it and a hissing sound. It was so intense that the streak didn’t disappear for a while.

I didn’t see where the object landed because there was a building blocking my sight. The day after, I bought all local newspapers to see if there was an article regarding the phenomenon, but there was none. But, the newspaperman saw it and when I went back here in Dumaguete City, my friends saw it too.

If there’s anything that you know about this incident, please tell me. I’d really appreciate it. Thank You.

Follow-up to Ian’s UFO Sighting of March 9, 2002 – Dumaguete City, Philippines

Editor’s Note: Mystical Universe received the email below on December 15, 2002. While the location of this sighting was 20 years ago, in Warren, Michigan, we feel the similarities warrant posting. Thank you Kathleen for contacting us.

Hello Ian,
I’m responding to your description of seeing a blue light that lighted up the city.

I saw a blue light 20 years ago, at my mother’s house in Warren, Michigan. It was about 12:00 AM and I was saying goodnight to my boyfriend on the porch. He turned to step off the porch, when suddenly a blue light illuminated our whole front yard as well as the neighbors across the street.

My boyfriend was too scared to step into the light, so we waited to see what would happen next. The light lasted for about 30 seconds. When it disappeared, we immediately stepped out into the front yard to see what caused the light and nothing, absolutely nothing was there. There was no explanation for the light. All I can says is that it was blue and very bright. If you hear of any other stories I would appreciate if you would pass them on to me.
Thanks, Kathleen, December 15, 2002

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Date: March 9, 2002
Time: 11:30 PM
Witnesses: 30
Objects Shape: Fireball
Number of objects: 1
Object left a vapor trail
Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Object made sound
Additional Info: A Restaurant, hilltop of Cebu