Paranormal Activity | Ghost | Apple Valley, Ca | November 11, 2001

Our good friend Gary, over at sent us these pictures.
Is it a ghost captured on film? Or?????
You be the judge.

Ghost or what?
No Ghost

I took these two photo’s just moments apart tonight (11/11/01), at the apartments where I live in Apple Valley, Ca. The pictures are of a fence that the owner of the apt.’s is trying to build. I really can’t explain why the two photos taken from the same camera just moments apart look so different.

But as you can see, the first photo I took has something really strange in it, compared to the second photo that is perfectly normal for a picture taken at night with a flash, by an amateur. I have not done anything to the pictures that I am sending you. I just took them and then downloaded them on to my computer to view, and was very surprised at what I saw. It’s not smoke in the picture, it was a windy night.

Gary W.