UFO Sightings | Joliet Illinois | October 18, 2011 | 1 Witnesses | Blimp Shape | Had Lights | Glowed | DirecTV Blimp?

Editors Notes: From what we have read on the internet, this reporting seems to be a DirecTV Blimp. More info on this below the report.

Reported by Sharon

Event Description: Joliet Illinois last night on October 18 2011 at about 8:00 pm I was driving south down Larkin Ave after doing some grocery shopping. I noticed something in the sky that at first looked like the moon trying to come through the clouds. Kind of a domed shape shining behind the clouds. As I kept driving I noticed this thing was actually moving. I got out my phone and started recording this thing.

At this point and from my view it looked almost like a large domed shaped object but not defined like I said it looked like it was a very bright glowing object behind the clouds but then again it wasn’t, it’s just hard to explain what I was seeing. It was moving too fast to be a blimp but too slow to be a plane or a helicopter so I decided to try and follow it and as I drove down Larkin to Route 6 I just couldn’t keep up with it but with that said it was no longer behind the clouds and appeared that it could be a blimp but then I thought, in this weather, at this time….no, and it was glowing, the whole thing was lit up, a blimp doesn’t do that.

By the time I turned the corner onto Route 6 and heading west it seemed to be flying south west and over Exxon Mobile Refinery off of 55 possibly and then it seemed to head south and then a little east. I soon lost interest and headed home, during the drive home I phoned my husband and told him what I saw and that I recorded the sighting.

When I got home and reviewed what I recorded on my phone all you could see was the reflection of my window and the glaring street lights. Today after finding this article I went to get my phone and look at the recording again but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found on my phone and I KNOW I did not erase it, soooooo I don’t know what that’s about. All I know is I saw something and I don’t think it was of this world.

Editor’s notes: As previosly noted, this report seems to be a blimp.
A post from Gus on examiner.com

I was asked to send this to you guys from a friend, he’s the chief pilot for the DIRECTV blimp.

Hello folks,
Delighted to see that people are looking out and upward. My name is Capt. Allan Judd, pilot of the DirecTV Blimp on this viewing date of October 18 2011. I lifted off from the Grosse Ile Airport near Detroit at 2:20 pm EDT and with my crew tracking me, headed west towards Joliet, then around 7 pm or so CDT, turning south to Alton IL to stage for the World Series Games.. Flight duration was 11.8 hours as we skirted our way around the edge of the approaching weather, very rare as we do not generally take transits at this time of day/night but the weather, although tricky enabled us to remain with our crew with various airport options along the way incase we needed to end sooner than St. Louis. Yes, you saw our internally lit 175 foot long Airship, cruising at about 45 mph towards Joliet and then when I turned south, picked up speed with more wind behind us to 65 mph. Had to pull the power back to a minimum to prevent outrunning our ground chase crew. We do have two very bright flashing red LED position lights that do flash, one above and one below the airship. The top of the airship colors are lighter blues than are the bottom colors. The DirecTV Airship is now in Alton awaiting the return of the Baseball players for games 6 & 7 but weather may prevent us getting over the game. In case anyone is interested, www.buddytheblimp.com is my Children’s Book Website and there are also some fun videos on YouTube at the Buddy the Blimp Channel. You may also see photos of our airship at www.lightships.com. Thanks again for reporting us as unidentified, as that is exactly what you saw at the time and now, we are IFO, identified. Regards, Allan Judd – Chief Pilot – DirecTV Airship.

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