Ufo Sighting | Johannesburg, South Africa | 2002 | Witnesses: 2

Reported By: Sumayyah and Ibraheem – Johannesburg, South Africa – Date: November 2002

UFO Sighting Event Description:

My husband and I saw the UFO on our way home. We were walking at the time. We kept an eye on it.

We stopped some people and tried to alert them, but the UFO disappeared so I thought I was just seeing things. We continued walking and it appeared again for sometime. We watched it then we stopped another person and it disappeared. My husband has had the similar encounter with UFO’s.

Subject: UFO Sighting
 Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
 Date: November 2002
 Time: 7:45 PM
 Witnesses: 2
 Objects Shape: Diamond
 Number of objects: 1
 Object had an: Aura or Haze around it
 Object became transparent
 Additional Information: Brixton