Alien Abduction | Yuma AZ | February 14, 2012

i woke up at 6 am feeling like i just got dropped off. Suddenly I started realizing how strange my dream was last night. Never had i dreamnt so lucid, so surreal. I was eager to remember what i had experienced in my dream.

The first thing was me getting picked up by two people who were very cool. I noticed that i wasnt the .only passenger, there was a young african american kid about 23-25 yrs old as well. I remember me thinking in my dream “wow, this is a cool dream, we must be going surfing or something” so i asked the driver of the vehicle we were in “hey dude, were are we goin? surfing?” for some reason i felt i was on a surfing trip, i felt as if i were headed to the beach, maybe because the two operators of the vehicle looked like surfers, well built, long hair, and very well manored. They kinda laughed and asked me “haha, why? are you a surfer?” i said yea, and proceeded to fill them in on my life in Hawaii and my life on the coast of California, surfing.

The next thing i remember walking up a flight of stairs into a building or shop or something were there was a very pretty woman, really tall, like 6′. i recall her smiling and i started flirting with her. And then all of a sudden we were out to sea charging through massive swell. the room we were in appeared to be a cockpit to a craft, an aquatic like craft. it was submersable as well as topical. it seemed like it was very tech, super advanced. more advanced than what our military has.

I remember there was logos on the ship like militant logos that symbolized a very organized unit or something. All of a sudden we arrived somewhere were i was introduced to several young goodlooking individuals, males and females, the females -were very attractive. I really like this place it felt as if i never wanted to leave. The peolpe there were warm like family and they all smiled all the time. they had very positive attitudes.

Then i remember changing my clothes, They gave me like spandex shorts that were not totally tight and me and a few other guest they had all went swimming in a swimming pool that sorta surrounded this building like a mote, the water had current to it, it was constantly moving, the water was about 75 degrees, perfect weather too. only there was no sunshine there were stars though on a very clear night. after swimming i must have went to sleep cuz i remember waking up and cracking a joke as i noticed i was still wearing the spandex, i said pretty loud “hey dudes! whos idea was it to wear these spandex?” and then i felt weird because i noticed everybody was asleep on these cot like sleeping bed thingys. and thats it.

Next thing i know i woke up in my bed feeling as if i just got dropped off at my house. The weather was different, the sounds ect. Ive never ever experienced such a thing. It was very spiritual, I was an Athiest before this happened. It made me open my eyes and heart to GOD, i felt as if these people were connected to GOD somehow. I felt very lucky to have been chosen, The first thing i thought was, “how am i gonna exoplain this experience, how beautiful it was, how fulfilling and how i felt as if i was on a different planet, another demension. However, that night it happened again only different, i felt like i had been dropped off at home again but i oinly remembered a few things, being picked up by these smiling people that said ” Hey Marc! ready to have fun again?” i replied ” heck yea man lets do it”

This time there were more girls and it seemed slighlty sexual. The thing is i dont remember anything. THat day i tried and tried my best to recall the wonderful experience but couldnt. The day went buy and i was getting tired around 7:30 pm and dozed off while watching TV. I woke up sitting straight up on my couch feeling as if someone had drugged me. I was wondering what the heck was happening to me, first the weird but awesome dreams now this?

i went and sat on the couch and started watching TV, the weird thing is i felt the presensce of others. i looked thru the doorway of the TV room into the living room and seen something other than my dogs. it was like a little kid (toddler) with extreme agility that i could only see for a split second at a time out of the corner of my eye. I felt like i was seeing stuff, as every moment went by there was more movement. I sat back on the couch in the TV room with my hands to my head hunched over thinking “what in the hell is going on?”

I went to my room grabbed a Mickey Mantel Louisville Slugger thats mounted on my bedroom wall and started walking around my house checking closets, bathrooms and everywhere else. I was thinking a little kid got in my house and was scared or confused so i started asking loudly but nicely “hey kid! you better go home, its late, im sure your parents are worried” i said things of that nature several times but got no responce.

After a while i started rationalizing other scenerios like maybe those dreams made me hallucinate, maybe i ate something bad …shit nothing made sense. I was feeling very sleepy so i went to sleep sitting straight up AGAIN. I must have slept about two hours cuz when i woke up it was 945 pm. Now this part gets unbeleivable. And i assure you, i would not waste my time making up a story like this for my own entertainment. anyway back to the story…

i opened my eyes looked at the clock, it said 930 pm. i looked at the TV. something really weird was on. It was like an infomercial. On one side of me sat an old black dude and the other side sat a weird looking lady with a nose that went from her face to her chest. she had a weird gaze in her eyes and neither of them said a word to me after i asked them who they were and why they were in my house. They sat quietly watching the informercial.

My Louisville was still in my hands as i noticed there were more people in the living room so i got up and noticed about 15-20 “people” in my house like they were having a party. I swear to you man! I thought i was loosing my mind, i thought who the hell is gonna beleive this shit? everyone in my house had some weird characteristic about them. There were 4 or 5 little Asian chicks that stood about 3.5-4′ tall. they were all smiling at me. they were dressed like little RAVERS. I said to all of them “Att all of you! I think you have the wrong house, there isnt a party here, im actually getting ready for bed’, so you all must leave NOW!” i was furious. because none of them budged, they all just looked at me like i was speaking a language they didnt understand.

There were people in the Kitchen, people in the bathroom..they were everywhere. At this point i was feeling what appeared what i recognized as Exctacy. Ive done that drug before back when i was in College at Boulder Colorado about 12 yrs prior. One of these weird ass people must have slipped me one or two IDK!. all i knew is that people were not envited into my home and they woudlnt leave.

The more i looked around the weirder i noticed things were. Keep in mind, im an educated man, ive never been diagnosed with anything phsyclogical. IM what you call a normal funtioning tax paying individual. I looked at a person/alien whatever that sat on my couch that was shapeshifting into something, i could bare to focus on that, all i remember thing is “I cant beleive what is happening in my house” I could grab the phone and call anyone, noone would beleive me, and the sound of my voice would scare them.

They would call the cops or the ambulance, all the evidence would dissapear and they would hall me off to the looney bin. I wasnt going to the looney bin so i desided to deal with it. But i was trying to convince myself that i could call the cops, ask them to look around my house and see if they notiuced anything weird. But i thought “screw that” i know cops. They would probably find something to bust me for because like i said. These aliens/people drugged me.

I cant begin to explain how colorful these intities were, they were all different, it seemed they came in little groups though, or in pairs. I remember having to take a piss so i went to the restroom, OMG..there were about three of these little Asian types, they seemed like little female ravers, they didnt talk but they looked at eachother using hand gestures and communicating telepathicly, i noticed the inside of the bathroom was covered in plastic, the toilet,the floor, everything. Like it was germ free of something. The liitle asian chicks struck me as very strange.

I left the bathroom with my bat and went into my bedroom and noticed something underneith my bedspread, i pulled the bed spread up to look what was under there, there were two beings, dressed like teenagers, sleeping. They looked part human part something else. they had faces that resembled an animal like a dog or Possum but not as ugly. Nobody seemed aggressive or violent so i wasnt tripping out too hard. I went back in the TV room were some of the being were watching the “Imformercial” which started to come acroiss as being a brochure to a different demension.

On the floor was a lady of asian descent breast feeding a baby that looked like the one in my room under the blanket. she looked human. and there was another one dancing like a stripper on the floor rolling around making weird sounds like grunting, it was moving around, rooling and twisting and from what i saw was this thing had two heads like it was a saimese twin, this was a serious stripper dance, nakedness and everything, she was looking into my eyes at times and im not lying when i say her face was very attractive, she was coming on to me sexually. but the nature of the situation had me sooo blown away i really couldnt pay 100% attention to her. as she danced she started shapeshifting as the dance ended the weirdest thing happened, she shapeshifted into my Boxer/English Springer Spaniel mix! MY DOG MAN! ROCCO…hes a male dog too.

I have to go ill finish this in a while, gotta go to work.

Name: marc
City or Town: yuma
State or Province: az
Country: us
Month of Event: 02
Day of Event: 14
Year of Event: 2012
Time: Approximate
AM or PM: 11
Duration Hours: 4 hours
Number Of Witnesses: 1