Paranormal Activity Experience

Paranormal Activity Experience Report

Event Description:

*Unlexplained sudden emotions and thoughts

*feelings of someone or something touching me on my right foot(this happened in 2007 and it was intense)

*unexplained sudden pain on the front of my head(Front Head)/ Not a headache

*unexplained sudden back pains

*sudden fears and desires to do only wrong negative things

*A continual feeling of being in a 3D emtion sphere with things running around like vampires every once in a while

*A continual feeling of being insecure

*Documented consecutive losses of jobs

*A hostile feeling of being assailed/attacked/It feels like an infusion of hostile attacks directed at me

* The worst thing is that these things follow me everywhere I go

I have a picture of something moving on the street and I can take more of these pictures that show where these emtions are being sent from while they are directed at me.

*Somtimes I feel like I don’t know who I am

Name: Baptiste M.
Type of Event: Haunting stalkers
City or Town: Chicago
State or Province: IL
Country: USA
Experienced This: 1 LONG CONTINUAL TIME( 2007 TO 2012)