UFO Sighting | Ardmore, Oklahoma | July 22, 2012

UFO Sighting in Ardmore, Oklahoma on July 22, 2012
By Jess

Event Description:

My husband woke me up right before 4 am to look at a weird, bright star he had noticed the other night. It looks like a planet. We went out back and I saw what I thought was a shooting star out of the corner of my eye and that’s what first caught my attention.

I looked to the north and saw a blinking light. I thought it was an airplane at first. It was hovering though and the lights were blinking fast, and it darted to the side real fast, not very far, and then darted back again. It did this a few times and the lights were green, blue, red, orange, and white.

We saw another one to the east, doing the same thing but a little further away it seemed. Then, all of the sudden their was a bright, huge light below the star my husband brought me out to see.

I still can’t think of what it could be. It was very low to the ground, like crazy low, it was surreal. It was bright and gigantic. It wasn’t moving and looked like a star super close to the earth or something. It’s lined up with the star my husband was showing me. The second ufo we saw was hovering next to the two stars and they made a triangle shape all together. Then we saw another appear under the first one to the north from far away and another to the east of the first one, but to the west of the second one, so just in between.

They all seemed to be heading towards the stars. I think it might still be going on outside, but I am way too tired and scared to look back out there. We also heard a weird noise, that sounded kind of like a gunshot, or crash, or something, that we caught in video.

Type: UFO Sighting
 City or Town: Ardmore
 State or Province: Oklahoma
 Country: USA
 Date: July 22, 2012
 Time: Approximate
 Time of Event: 4 am
 Duration Hours: 1
 Duration Minutes: 30
 Number Of Witnesses: 2
 Number of Objects: 4
 Shape of UFO: Star-like
 The UFO: Hoverd, Changed Direction, Made a Noise, Had Lights, Pulsed, Blinked, Changed Colors