Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Marukarar, the Australian Yowie, Abominable SnowmanBigfoot (also known as Sasquatch, Yeti, Marukarar, the Australian Yowie, Abominable Snowman, Windego, Yeahoh, Rugaru, Hibagon, Sasquatch, Ren Xiong, Dzu-teh, The Duende, Migoi or Mi-go, Minnesota Iceman, Dev, Salvaje, Chuchunya, Omah, Ulak, Uluk, Bogs, Mawas, Curupir, Urayuli, Hantu Hutan, Arulataq, Bushman, Goblins, Tent Monster, Meh-Teh, Nant’ina, Fantasma humano, Hlo mung, Woodsman, Sisimite, Yiren, Yeh Ren, Chorti u tcur witsir, Woodwose, Skookum, Yeren, Mapinguari, Kang Admi, Mirka, Amomongo, Wudewas, Almas, Mande Barung, Batutut, Hibagon, Moehau, L’Homme Sauvage, Ebu Gogo, Batutut, Ujit Maero, Rapuwai, Mawa, Yeren, Orang Dalam, Hantu jerang gigi, Mi rgod, Metoh-kangmi, Ucumar, Nuk-luk, Mulen,  Xing-Xing, Forest man, Mountain man, Salish, Yeti, Stick Indian, Ts’emekwes, Yahoo or Yahoo–Devil , Yuho, Ape yoho, Cax-vinic, Grassman, Di-di, Maricoxi, Ban-manush, Fouke Monster, Am Fear Liath Mòr and Yen Hsiung)

What this cryptid is called, depends on the locale. People from around the world have been reporting sightings of the beast. For decades sightings of all kinds have been reported, talked about, written about, and yet no one has definitely proven the existence of this animal.

People have even given rise to the theory that it could be the missing link, and would confirm mankind’s evolution from the ape. In description, the creature ranges from 6 foot (1.82 meters) to 8 foot (2.438 meters) in height, and weighs from 300 to 600 pounds. It is covered with thick, coarse hair and walks upright. Another distinctive trait of Big Foot is an obnoxious odor that can be detected at quite some distance.

Big Foot has not been known to cause harm to humans, but has been blamed for certain acts of property damage. For the most part, when Bigfoot is made aware of the presence of humans, they simply move away in to the forest and disappear. In some instances, the creature has remained still and has watched the people that are watching him, prior to his departure.

As with anything that cannot be proven, there are many skeptics who simply do not believe in the existence of the Man/Ape concept. The debate about whether or not Bigfoot exists rages on to this day. There have been many supposed sightings, but no one has been able to prove the creature does live in the woods of many of our states. Sightings range from the West Coast to the East Coast, and from the Northern Border to the Gulf Of Mexico.

Non believers don’t understand why a creature hasn’t been captured, shot and killed. They also question the fact that no remains have been found of any Bigfoot, that may have simply died in the normal course of life and death. A gentleman by the name of “Dallas Gilbert”, claims to have found a Bigfoot burial ground, but refuses to disclose its location. Those who believe and claim to have seen the creature, feel that the dense wooded area which it inhabits, and the animals’ apparent shyness, are the reasons why it remains a virtual secret.

Native Americans have passed down stories of the “Big People” for hundreds of generations. Their children were not allowed out to play when it was believed that the Big People, or as we know it today, Bigfoot, was around.

In Northern California loggers leaving their logging site, saw a “monster” on the road. In telling the story, the term monster was used, because no one was using the name Bigfoot at that time.

Bigfoot Track | Footprint

Bigfoot Track near Bluff Creek in Michigan.

In Louisiana, a man went out to check his garden, and ended up being treed by a big hairy monster that stunk and had red eyes. From his perch in the tree, the man got a good look at the Bigfoot. He said it was about 7 feet tall. He figures the monster did not see him because of the darkness.

A young child visiting an aunt and uncle has a backyard confrontation with a Bigfoot. The creature stood 75 feet from them, and draped his arm over a tree branch while it observed them. It was later determined that the branch was just shy of being seven feet off the ground. On future visits, the dog was brought along to help protect the family from the creature. However the dog, who used to run off to spend hours in the woods, suddenly now spent most of its time cowering under the porch.

A husband and wife, who were long time trail guides in Michigan, were sitting around their campfire one night when a Bigfoot paid them a visit. It came within range of the campfire light. The woman described the Bigfoot as having reddish brown hair, smelled very rank and had eyes like nothing that she had ever seen.

Two people in a car north bound on I-95 in North Carolina during 1993, spotted a really big creature crossing the interstate. The Bigfoot paused for a second or two by the wooded median, then disappeared in to the trees.

Margo, Staff Writer, Mystical Universe

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