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On March 16, 2000, Mystical Universe published an interview with Mr. Tim Cullen, an Abductee who had an implant removed from his body on February 5, 2000 (click here for interview). The Surgeon who operated on Mr. Cullen is Dr. Roger K. Leir. Dr. Roger Leir, author of Aliens and the Scalpel, has been said to be one of the worlds most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. With the assistance of Mr. Cullen and another gentleman who has become a true friend of Mystical Universe, we were able to speak with Dr. Leir. Here is that interview:

April 3, 2000
Telephone Interview with Roger K. Leir, D.P.M.

Question: MU: “Dr. Leir, could you tell me if any progress has been made in the analysis of implants removed, especially the latest from Tim Cullen?”

Dr.Leir: “This is difficult to answer. The implant has been turned over to DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS, here in California for complete analysis. It seems the more we investigate and learn, the more questions we have. Digital Instruments has technology to measure and analyze matter, 10 atoms at a time. We are researching both the Biological and Metallurgical aspects of Tim’s implant. Again, the more knowledge gained, the more we need to know.”

Question: MU: “Can you tell me, if you feel that the substance removed, the actual implant is from other than this Earth?”

Dr.Leir: There are those who have said that the implants are the result of our Country’s intervention, or intervention from other Countries. Let me say, that the content of the implants do contain material that is found on the Earth. It is possible that the material was obtained here. However, let me tell you this. The oldest implant removed from an individual was in his body for 46 1/2 years. There is no way, given the size and metallurgical make up of the actual implant, that Technology was THAT advanced 46 and 1/2 years ago. The “nano technology” was simply not available then!”

Question: MU: “Could you tell me if the health of these Abductees varies , prior to implant removal and subsequently, after removal? In other words, has the health situation altered on any of those on whom you have surgically worked?”

Dr. Leir: “That is a very good question. I would have to say that there is no noticeable difference from a medical standpoint, with two exceptions. In both instances, these two individuals contacted me 2 months post-op. For some unknown reason, the site of their incisions became red and exhibited pain. The implants in both of these people were quite similar. As to why this happened, and the timing, I do not know. These two individuals have contacted each other and I would assume they are keeping in touch. I must tell you, that my team does not deal with only the medical. We also do extensive psychological testing, on a conscious level (no regression, no hypnosis). All the information is given to us by them, from their memory, as they remember the circumstances surrounding their situations. In addition, a majority of those questioned after having their implants removed have told us, that in general, they have a ‘new feeling of freedom’ and are less apprehensive.”

Question: MU: “How well was your presentation at the UFO Congress received?”

Dr. Leir: “Very well, it went VERY well! We had standing room only. In addition to discussing Implant Removal, there was also a great deal of conversation about Cattle Multilation. I have been investigating this phenomena for quite a while.”

Question: MU: ” Can you tell me how Mr. Cullen is doing? Have you spoken with him recently?”

Dr.Leir: “Tim is doing very well indeed. He is becoming increasingly vocal about this subject of implants. I visited Tim in Yuma, CO not long ago. We went to the local High School and I gave a presentation there, and I spoke as well as with the local media. In addition, I visited several ranchers and viewed more Cattle Mutilations and discussed this in depth with the ranchers themselves.”

That concludes the Interview. We would have preferred to speak with Dr. Leir for a longer period of time, but as you can imagine, his time is quite valuable and his schedule extremely hectic.

Dr. Roger K. Leir, is the author of the Aliens and the Scalpel-First and Second Edition, “UFO Crash in Brazil”, “Casebook Alien Implants”, “Chopped Liver” and three other books published outside the United States, including “Implantes Alienegenas” published in Portuguese in Brazil, and “Ovnis and Implants” published in France by Le Mercure Dauphinois.

Roger K. Leir, D.P.M.
’10th Implant Removal Successful’

December 2, 2001
On October 29, 2001, Dr. Roger Leir completed his tenth implant removal from an individual who allegedly experienced an encounter with an Alien Species.

The surgery was performed on a female in her 40’s who is employed as a flight attendant on one of the major airlines. She advised that approximately 20 years ago, she remembers a close encounter experience, and from her description, there are many similarities with others Dr. Leir has interviewed and are detailed in his book.

She was awoken quite suddenly from sleep, found she was paralyzed and witnessed a ‘ball of light’ moving through the bedroom door, to the remainder of the house.

While this in itself is quite extraordinary, there are other aspects of this implant that presented themselves as a ‘first’ for Dr. Leir. The lump that was found in her upper right arm, is the only incident wherein the right side of the body was involved. According to Dr. Leir, the other implants he has removed were always on the left side of the patient’s body.

In addition, the implant ‘moved away’ in several directions, under her skin, when touched Normally, a ‘cyst-like’ lump found in patients in general, are found to ‘move’ it is a result of an illness wherein ‘sinus tracks’ are formed and the ‘cyst’ in those cases move side to side, NOT in several different directions.

Upon inspection of the implant, it was learned that is composed of a “thick, yellowish, bivalved soft tissue” meaning ‘clam-like’ in it’s action. Prior to this, the implants removed were of an entirely different nature. They were more in the area of metallic triangles and ‘seed-like’ implants.

Lastly, this specific implant was not encapsulated in a membrane composed of the patient’s own tissue.

Mystical Universe was proud to have interviewed Dr. Leir in April, 2000 and we are interested in Dr. Leir’s progress, in his efforts to help.

Nancy, Director of Operations, Editor

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