Creatures Sighting | 15 Miles West Of Stanley, Idaho | Stanley Lake | February 14, 2005 |

Reported By: Rick W.

Event Description:
Me and my friend Brent, were on a winter camp trip in Stanley, ID, population 200.

Three days into our journey, we were hiking to see if we could reach Stanley Lake from our camp spot. As we approached the lake, my friend heard a frightening noise. Almost like a bear, and a crow combined, but at least as loud as a car horn.

The sound was coming from across the lake. I looked over and I saw a tall, hairy, black creature walking, or maybe running away from two other tall objects. Strangely, one was white, the other was green, almost like a mossy color.

I noticed that I had left my camera at our camp, so I couldn’t take a picture. But the creatures had to be 15′ high, maybe 20′. They were extremely violent and were thrashing each other with sticks. They reminded me of a giant. They were huge. This was no Bigfoot, let me tell you. This was more like an ape+bigfoot+bear if you ask me.

Today, 9/2/05, I still lose sleep about seeing those jaw dropping creatures. I never want to camp in Stanley again!

Subject:"Bigfoot" Sighting
Location: Stanley, Idaho
Date: February 14, 2005
Time: 12:00 PM
Witnesses: 2
Number of "Critters": 3
Additional Information: It was about 15 miles West of Stanley