UFO Sightings | Hevring, Denmark | March 19, 2002 | Objects 8 | Witnesses 3 | Landed | Hovered

Reported By: Simon A

Event Description:
Several glowing objects were seen over an area, where there were woods and lots of small towns. We took a road leading in the direction of the objects, and actually did a UFO-CHASE (Unbelivable!) I wondered if we should go home and get the video camera, but we decided we would rather stay and observe.

At first, there were 2 objects. They emitted a strong light, much stronger and sharper than the moon, which was visible way back in the opposite direction. The moon was not full, but the objects were round (seemed like that… it was hard to see, because of the amount of light emitted!!!!)

This night was clear, and lots of stars were visible, but these object were WAY too big to be stars or anything else, I have seen.

The objects dissapeared, but would reappear. Sometimes as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and even 8!!!!!

The strangest thing was that something that seemed like lightning in the background occurred. (With out the visible branch of lightning visible!!!!)

It was just the light, that lit up the sky above and behind the objects!!!!) Anyway, I checked the lightningtracker on the internet, and no lightning had been detected beetween 9 PM and 10 PM.

All of a sudden, all the objects but one dissapeared. The lonely object seemed to slowly “fall” to the ground near or in a forest!!!

Some of the others reappeared further to the East again, but died out slowly.

We went home, but at 10.02 PM they appeared again!!! I got the video camera, but guess what??? “Battery unloaded!!!!”

A little background and aditional information:

I AM interrested in UFO’s, but do not see UFO’s all the time. I’m 16 years old, and the two other witnesses were my father, 50, and my mother, 47. My father has seen these same lights 1-2 weeks before this event, so I hope we’ll become a socalled “window area”:-)

Please contact me!!! I’m really shaken about this!!!!! This is all for now, i’m really shook up right now, so please email me for further information.
Simon A.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: Hevring, Denmark
Date: 03.19.02
Time: 9.20 PM
Witnesses: 3
Objects Shape: Sphere
Number of objects: 8
Object had lights
Object landed
Object hovered
Object became transparent
There was interference associated with the object
Additional Information: Wooded area, but small towns just a half km. apart.