UFO Sightings | Alamo Lake, Arizona, USA | 1990 / 1991 | UFO Above Campsite | 6 Witnesses | Sphere / Ball Shape

Reported by: Frank T

Event Description:
Saw ufo above campsite, stayed in place till sunset. The whole ship started to illuminate, at which time it accelerated and took off in eastern direction I believe. Were there any sightings reported? I wish I could remember exact time & date. I just want to know if there was any sightings reported in area at any time.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Objects Shape: Sphere/ball
Number of objects: 1
Did the object hover: Object hovered
Event Location: Alamo Lake, Arizona, USA
Date: 90 -91?
Time: 4-6?
Hour: PM
Witnesses: 6
The event took place near: A Military Airfield or Base
Body of water: There is a body of water in the area