UFO Sightings | Dimondale, Michigan, USA | April 9, 2010 | Bright Light Flying Beside The Road | Three Saucer Looking Objects | Silver Disks

Reported by: Bruce

Event Description:
Tonight my wife, an emergency room nurse, comes home and says she saw a bright light flying along the country road on her way home. It moved along farm fields very fast, and wasn’t a plane. Then it disappeared quickly. She was exited and puzzled. It didn’t seem normal, as in plane or helicopter type attitude and lighting, and was extremly fast and low. It brought back memories of when I was a teen, and walked out front of our house one day. It was mid-day, with high scattered cumulous clouds in a blue sky. It was also in mid August. I looked up and saw three saucer looking objects dart down, one after the other, from cloud cover about 2 seconds apart, all travelling in the exact same path. One by one, they then up into the clouds before coming down again, moving incredibly fast, then back up. They were at very high altitude, and looked bright shiney silver disk like. I just stared in awe. No one else saw them, I was by myself. They had to be at 7,000 to 10,000 feet plus high in the sky, and to this day, the site of those super fast moving things shaped like discs stays in my head. I’ve flown planes and have never seen anything like it in my 53 years. Weird stuff?

Reported By: Bruce
Location: Dimondale, Michigan, USA
Senders Country: Eaton
Date: 4/9/10
Hour: PM
Lights: Object had lights
Objects Shape: Disk
Number of objects: 3