UFO Sightings | London, England, May 12, 2002 | 15 Objects | 2 Witnesses

Reported By: Michelle

Event Description:
Just lying in the garden this evening looking at the stars when we (me and boyfriend) saw what looked initially like shooting stars. It became apparent that these were unlikely to be shooting stars as they did not appear to be falling down to earth, but skimming across the sky in an erratic fashion.

Moreover, they would travel in all different trajectories, sometimes changing direction, sometimes suddenly speeding up/slowing down.

Sometimes, what looked like a stationary star would all of a sudden dart across the sky – my boyfriend was watching one “star” changing colour, when it suddenly zipped across the sky.

Whatever these objects were, we believe that they must have been very high up as we also saw a number of normal aircraft travelling by over this same period. These lights were considerably higher up than those airplanes and could move at far greater speed.

We only saw these lights separately, and could not say whether they were from one object or came from multiple sources.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location: London, England
Date: May 15, 2002
Time: 10.30 - 12.00 PM
Witnesses: 2
Objects Shape: Other
Number of objects: 15