UFO Sightings | National park ‘Vosges’, France | June 19, 2002

Reported By: Bert

Event Description:
On 19 June 2002 me and my friend took both pictures with different cameras of a nice sky full of clouds very near the highest peak of the Vosges Mountains in France, called the ‘Grand balloon,’ which is about 1400 meters high.
On this mountain is a radar station. When we returned home we looked at out pictures we had taken and we saw at two pictures a cigar like object in the sky.

We didn’t saw it at the time we took the pictures. We both took the pictures within a few minutes, and using each our own different camera, but not at the exact same time. On both pictures we see the same cigar like object, like a dark shadow, in an upward direction, moving high in the sky. It surely isn’t a bird or a plane. We can’t explain.

Date: 6/30/02 2:52:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Reported By: Bert
Event Location: National park 'Vosges'.  France
Date: 06-19-2002 Time: 18.00: PM