Creature Sighting | Bigfoot | Yowie | NSW, Australia | December 20, 2003 | Neville Pine Forestry

Reported By: Darrien H.

Event Description:
Hello, I would like to share an experience with you about a hunting trip myself and two friends were on 20/12/03.

The area I’m telling about is approximately 19 kilometers south west of Neville, in the pine’s plantations. We were on a camping / pig hunting trip for one week.

On one particular morning we were up early to have a cuppa and breakfast and prepare for that days hunt. We had our dogs ready and were about to head off to a spot we had sighted pigs the previous day, it was a 3 kilometer hike, we got to our location what was a large wallo (waterhole) and sat close by waiting for any sign of pig.

Well about five minutes later our oldest dog Bonnie, was going crazy wanting to get off the leash. Soon after the rest of the dogs went crazy so we let them off to look about. They were gone for about five minutes when my friend Cameron said he heard a groaning yell, myself and our other friend never heard it, but the event we saw shortly after I will never forget.

Our dogs were onto something big and as we went to check it out the dogs had a medium size figure bailed up in a large blackberry bush. As we approached it, it tore out at us. The dogs were holding onto it’s shaggy fur. It ran right to us screaming in a deafening roar, Cameron yelled “Jesus what is it?”

Well, what we were face to face with was a yowie/ big foot/ yeti whatever they’re called. It shook our dogs off like they were not even there, and ran into the forest at a fast pace, we called the dogs off and regathered our thoughts.

What we had encountered was at the time frightening, damn frightening. We were back at camp talking about the event and all told it as we saw it.

A few hunters from nearby towns have witnessed similar sight’s, but I think we saw the true thing face to face.

We reported the sighting to the National Parks and Wildlife and they are investigating the matter. It’s something we will never forget…..

Subject: Bigfoot/Yowie Sighting
Location NSW, Australia
Date: December 20, 2003
Time: 5:23 AM
Witnesses: 3
Additional Information: Neville Pine Forestry, NSW, Australia