Ufo Sightings | Mt. Fuji, Japan | October 24, 1999 | Objects 3 | Object Hovered

Reported By: Michele F

Event Description:
I have a series of at least 11 clear, visible shots, varying from 3 separate rolls of film. All were photographed in a close time frame. Ironically, when photographing MT. FUJI, I didn’t see with the naked eye, what my 35MM @1/125sec did. All of my photographs show a clear, distinct trail of Magenta Light trailing through the sky. However, they only appear on the photos of MT. FUJI solely. I have 2 photos where you can see an obvious obstruction between myself and the sun, where a beam of light shines down upon darkened trees. Mysteriously, the same light pattern (Shinning down light of Magenta and Green) appears on 2 other photos. I am a Portrait/Freelance Photographer, I have countlessly again and again have gone over the numerous possibilities of what this could be. But to no avail. My only conclusion is that I am among some of the thousands of people who have sighted and recorded a UFO.

Subject: UFO Sightings
Event Location: MT. FUJI, Japan
Time of event: 10-11 AM
Date: October 24, 1999
Objects Shape: Other
Number of objects: 3
Object left a vapor trail
Object changed colors
Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Object emitted beams of light
Object hovered & became transparent