Alien Abductions | Frankston, Victoria, Australia | July 2003 | Witnesses 3 | Mornington Peninsula | Object Left Vapor Trail

Reported By: Sean
(second report)*

Event Description:
My next set of experiences begins only a couple of months ago. I was attending a party at a friends house in Frankston when my girlfriend went out with a couple of passengers to get supplies.

Two minutes later, I receive a call on my mobile phone, My girlfriend is on the other end screaming that they just witnessed a Cigar Shaped object with yellow/white lights down the side and a red light on top move slowly through the night sky from south to north, making a low, subsonic throbbing sound. I told her to come back and pick me up (I wasn’t driving, I’d had a couple of beers). As I was waiting out the front, something small and grey coloured, about 2 feet tall, on 2 legs, scurried behind 2 parked cars.

My girlfriend arrived a few minutes later, and her and all the passengers were white as sheets and shaking. We then drove to the top of Olivers Hill (overlooks Port Phillip Bay) to gain a good view of the surrounding area, we again spotted the object hovering about 100 m over the surface of the water towards Port-Melbourne.

It then weaved back and forth and then shot off in a northerly direction towards Bendigo. The same object was spotted 2 weeks later by all of us in the same car moving from S/E to N/W faster than any commercial aircraft could move. It then abruptly stopped over the Dandenong Ranges and hovered back and forth, forwards, backwards, as if searching for something, it then disappeared from sight.

There has been a recent influx of UFO sightings here in the last 2 months, and living on the Mornington Peninsula, there are certain areas which are known hot spots for UFOs. In that time, I have had strange recurring dreams, involving myself standing out the front of my house with 2 other beings/people (I can’t see them, but I know they’re there), all of a sudden I wake up and I’m in my bed, except not in my sleeping position, usually upside down or across with my legs hanging out of the covers.

The next day my Triangular skin markings on my arms (see previous posting) flares up worse then ever. I believe I’m being targeted by whatever entities (extra-terrestrial or otherwise) these beings are.

Subject: Abduction by Aliens
Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Date: July 2003
Time: 10 to 12:00 PM
Witnesses: 3
Object's Shape: Cigar
Number of Objects: 1
Object had lights
Object left a vapor trail
Object hovered

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