Alien Abductions | Frankston, Victoria, Australia | May 20 to 30, 1995 | Cigar Shaped Object | Object Left Vapor Trail

Reported By: Sean
(first report)*

Event Description:
My first experience was way back in 1995. I recall it vividly due to the fact it was the day my High School band at the time were releasing our first demo recording.

I’d been on the phone to our drummer at about 2:30 PM, I told him I’d be over in about half an hour. I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen and a bright flash emanated through the window, like a lightning strike would look like at night. I then looked at my watch, it was 3:43 PM, I’d lost almost 75 minutes.

Ever since then I’ve had 2 unexplained scars on my lower abdomen, both exactly the same distance apart from my navel. I also have an unexplained perfect equilateral triangle patch of raw skin that changes occasionally from my left to right arms (note Dan and Simon from the Aust. UFO report page).

One year later I was walking along Frankston-Flinder Road near the BP and McDonalds and noticed a small light, not unlike a street light in the sky about 40 degrees from the horizon, as soon as I spotted it, it took off in a northerly direction at about 300 kmh.

Subject: Abduction by Aliens
Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Date: May 20 to 30, 1995
Time: 2:30 PM
Witnesses: 1-3
Object's Shape: Cigar
Number of Objects: 1
Object had lights
Object left a vapor trail
Object hovered
Object made sound
Additional Information: Just the start of many strange experiences

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