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Little Boy Ghost…

Reported By: Ashlie D.

Event Description:
Well, it was one night about four years ago. I had gone to sleep rather early, I was exhausted. All of the sudden something woke me up, I looked at the clock it was 9:00 PM on the dot.

I turned the other way, to see a little boy standing next to my bed. He was really small, looked to be about four or five, he was wearing a blue T-shirt and blue jeans. He had really rosy chicks, big hazel eyes and curly brown hair.

It kind of freaked me out. I covered my head to see if it would go away, then all of the sudden the phone rang and he disappeared.

Well, a few weeks later, I was in the house and my Dad and brother were outside, doing yard work. I was walking outside to speak with them and I passed the kitchen and there was a little boy pushing himself up on to the counter. For a second I thought it was my brother, but I looked away and looked back again and he was gone. I ran outside completely freaking out and my Dad and brother told me I was just seeing things.

Then again a couple of weeks later, I was hearing voices and children playing up in the attic. Well, my brother and I decided to go up there and see what we could find.

We ended up finding a whole train set up there, really old baby swing, and a cub scout uniform that said 1949 on it. There have been rumors, that the whole neighbor hood was built on an old burial site.

I still see one of those little boys every now and then, it doesn’t really freak me out, I know he is not there to harm or hurt me in any way. I just want to know why they are there. My brother and I are the only ones that say we’ve seen them.

Subject: Paranormal Experience
Location: Farmington, New Mexico
Date: January 2001
Time:9:00 PM
Additional Information: In my bedroom, in my hall, in my kitchen & hall