Ufo Sightings | Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico | 1973 | 2 Witnesses | Object made Sound

Reported By: Robert B.

Event Description:
Hi! I was nine at the time and am now forty-one. I was raised and went to school in Puerto Rico. I lived at my Grandmother-in-laws house, with my father and his wife.

It was still light out, but soon would be dark, hence it was time for me to come in. I went to my room, when I heard what to me sounded like the “Ice Cream Mans” truck. Because our vendor sold only cones from a machine, his truck had a cone on top with a face. When the ice cream came out of the machine, the machine would make noise from it.

Briefly I wondered how I heard it in my room, but proceeded to ask my Father for money (which he gave me). I would like to add that I only spoke fluent Spanish, at the time and my father did not.

With money in hand, I ran down our few steps to the sidewalk and saw no truck, or heard anything. Briefly disappointed, I thought to myself, I could have sworn I heard it, but I realized, how could I hear the machine and not the music?

I was about to go back in when I heard “Dwoooo” and then a hiss, like steam or breaks on a bus. Then? The sound like refrigeration condensers (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na—)

From above and to my left, at about where our immediate neighbor lived, I saw this flying circular object. It was about three stories high (very low and plane to see).

It moved at about 10 MPH (slow) and after it made the above described sounds, it was hovering, silently. This sound/silence pattern repeated over and over, spanning approximately ten seconds per cycle. It never sped up, or changed course or altitude. I did see it for as long as I could (Till It Was A Faint Dot) about 20 minutes, my guess.

Now. before I describe it in detail further, I would like to explain some other strange things.

When I first went in my house, it was still light, about a half hours worth of daylight left. I
had only been in my room less than 5 minutes, got money, went outside and it was as night, like it had been dark for a while. That’s not all! I remember thinking how much fun it would be to go onboard. Maybe I could if I only wished it. Then fear stuck me, when I thought my Father would miss me and I couldn’t do that.

“Oh yes, my Father” I thought next and went to scream for him as a witness and was frozen in fear. I could not scream or run, till it was a bit down our street.

I ran in my house screaming in Spanish, to my Father who yelled “No more money” ( He Did Not Understand). I tried yanking at him, to no avail and ran back outside to see it some more, as described above.

I remember a lady across the street, looking up at it, but I did not know her and today, wonder why I did not make talk with her, or see her again. My Father and Stepmother rented their own house soon after. I pinched myself and swore to myself that this is really happening, don’t ever doubt it!

The UFO looked highly futuristic to me, at the time. We not have lights that can do what these lights did. What they did is they were synchronized with the “Dwoooo” part of the sound, like a Roulette Wheel being spun and winding down. Individual, Rectangular, Diagonal, Side by Side.

All around the Craft from my logical assumption, colors were White, Red, Rust (Orangy). But each light could make these colors, not each light, one color.

These appeared to spin like some restaurant sign lights, counterclockwise, while a single beautiful small blue ball of a light, spun clockwise, at first fast like a spin and then gradually slowing to a stop.

During this stop is when there was complete silence. Above the blue light (As the blue light was riding the “Saucers Edge”) were portholes, like on a passenger Aircraft Saucer. They were metallic in appearance, same exact shape and approximate spacing apart, only it was about one-third to a half times larger and also, I assume they went all around.

I could see in the windows, to the interior, but only a view of the ceiling of the Craft. I could see nothing but a very clean, bright light. Size I estimate, white colored interior ceiling from my angle. Size I estimated by house apart length as the houses were close to other. 3 house part in circumference. Metallic, not shiny (maybe because of night) and seemed to have an “orangy tang” to it.

I tell some people about it over the years, but I think nobody really believes me and it is a very lonely and depressing thing to live with.

Subject: UFO Sighting
Location:  Rio Piedras,  Puerto Rico
Date: 1973
Time: 6 PM
Witnesses: 2
Object's Shape: "Other"
Number of Objects: 1
Object had Lights - Object made Sound 
Additional Information: My School Was Walking Distance