Ufo Sighting Report | Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | 2003 | Guateng Robertsham Over Goldmines

UFO Sighting Report

Reported By: Deena – Johannesburg , Guateng , South Africa – January 22, 2003

It was 2:00 AM in the morning, still dark outside. I was in my room reading when I suddenly felt the urge to look outside my window. There is an old goldmine a few kilometers from my house. My window faces in the direction of the gold mine.

There above in the sky, I saw a round circular light moving through the trees emitting a bright white light around it. I couldn’t see what object was made from, light was too bright. It was very close to the trees over the goldmine. Suddenly, it whizzed in seconds up into the sky going more bright, moved from east to west in seconds of a great distance then stayed stationary.

I woke my parents and the rest of my family to come check it out. We were amazed. The object grew bigger then very small, then started twinkling like a star. Afterwards it grew big again, started zigzagging on the spot in all directions at an extreme speed then hovered, completely still for quite a while. An airplane was approaching from the West, looked like a Boeing 747 and was at the same altitude as the UFO.

As the plane approached the direction of the UFO, the UFO shot higher up into the sky and went very dim and smaller, looked like it camouflaged itself as a star. They flew below it and passed and was gone out of sight

Then the UFO shot lower from above, grew bigger emitting a very bright white light again. It just hovered very still, not making a move for about an hour.

My Mom got scared and told me to close the window and close the curtains. My sister was excited about it. We called our neighbors too. We all witnessed something amazing!

Can anybody tell me what it was? Also I believe it was giving off telepathic waves or something. Like it wanted to be seen or something. It sorta had a vibe coming from it. I took a photo of it, but when I developed the film it was totally blank.

Subject: UFO Sighting
 Event Location: Johannesburg, Guateng
 Country: South Africa
 Date: 01/12/2003
 Time: 2:00 AM
 Witnesses: 4
 Objects Shape: Light
 Number of objects: 1
 Object had lights
 Object had an: Aura or Haze around it
 Object emitted beams of light
 Object changed colors
 Object became transparent
 There were aircraft in the area
 Additional Information: Guateng Robertsham over goldmines