Ufo Sighting | Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | 2003 | Objects 1 | Object Had Lights | 3 Witness

Reported By: Janice
South Africa
September 26, 2003

UFO Sighting Event Description:
I was traveling home from Johannesburg on the R24 highway in an easterly direction towards Benoni with my husband and adult son. We were traveling home at about 1900 and noticed a star like array of bright white lights directly ahead and in front of us.

The lights were very high up in the sky (too high to be a warning light for aircraft or other type of warning light on a building) and did not move. As the road we were traveling on passes by a flight path to the Johannesburg International Airport, we thought that it was an oncoming airplane.

However, the object did not move in the sky (as though suspended from a very long pole) and neither changed altitude or direction. We watched it for about five minutes, as we were traveling towards our home town (Benoni) and then as we approached a long sweeping bend in the road, the object (light source) just slowly disappeared (as though a light would be turned off using a rheostat). There were small red lights beneath the array of bright white lights and these red lights continued to glow faintly for a few seconds.

 Subject: UFO Sighting
 Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
 Date: September 23, 2003
 Time: PM
 Witnesses: 3
 Object's Shape: Light
 Number of Objects: 1
 Object had lights
 Object hovered
 Object became transparent
 There is a Public Airfield in the area
 Additional Information: R24 Highway to Witbank (traveling North East)