Alien Sighting | Milwaukee Wisconsin | July 18 1997

Alien Sighting

Alien Description:
The only part of the alien we saw was the head. it was like an golden fiery look it had the same feature as those alien picture of the oval shaped headed green aliens with oval eyes. I would say it was about the size of a human head i’m not sure if it was trying to communicate or not I was too frighten. The eyes were molded in to the face, like when someone is on crack using drugs, sunk in like. It had a bright glow simalar to valcano lava look when it is red hot.
Event Description:

This is a real eyewitness account however many have not believe but some have and that’s fine with me. I was with an old girlfriend back in the summer of 1997. We were watching Tv around 9 o’clock to 10, because the news was about to come on. And as we  were watching Tv I looked toward my right in the second story apartment, toward the kicthen and the wall started to glow like a golden bright look. so I asked my girlfriend at the time did she she what I saw and she yes. and all of a sudden a face or head came through the kitchen wall and i became very frighten like i have never felt before even to the soul of my being so we ran out of the apartment sacared and bewildered. we did not call the police because we did not know what to do or who to talk to, so we kept silent. I truly know what i saw. We finnaly got enough courage to go back in the apartment so we walked slowly to the  kitchen to feel the wall and it felt normal. I share this personal experience because people should know the truth.

Type: Alien Sighting
City or Town: Milwaukee
State or Province: Wisconsin
Country: United states 
Date: Approximate July, 18 1997
Approximate Time of Event: 9:00 pm
Duration Minutes: 1
Number Of Witnesses: 2