UFO Sighting | Brisbane Queensland Australia | April 16, 2012 | Fireball

UFO Sighting on April 16, 2012 from Brisbane Queensland, Australia.  Number Of Witnesses: 7,  Number of Objects: 1,  Shape of UFO: Fireball

Event Description:

This is the second sighting we have made of this object in the N/Western sky. this is the second sighting we have experienced. The first one was on the 10th April 2011 – approx one year to the day earlier. At that time there were 5 witnesses and photos which my neighbour has (will supply if requested). The first sighting resembled a plane coming into land as it was a clear night and we are below the outer approaches to Brisbane airport and on both occasions there was considerable air traffic. The object was travelling at similar speed to a plane but had more of an orange glow and was formed as one (no twin landing lights like aircraft). The object also became quite bright and then stopped suddenly and moved sharply from left to right before stopping again and holding position. We had time to take pics before the object started to dim and then (to our amazement) shot vertically at great speed before going out of sight. We were quite shocked at the experienced. Since then we often looked out for this light and approx one year later (almost to the day) on the 16th April we witnessed the same light in the same area (N/West sky). This time the light was not so active with slower turns. It lasted a similar time before dimming. There were more witnesses on the second sighting and some mobile phone pics and video. Please – what could this be? I have considered a wayward weather balloon caught up in cross winds high in the upper stratosphere but this would not explain the sudden movement and bright orange light.

Name: Paul
Type: UFO Sighting
City or Town: Brisbane
State or Province: Queensland
Country: Australia
Extra Location Info: North Brisbane (Warner)
Month of Event: April
Day of Event: 16
Year of Event: 2012
Time of Event: 8;45
AM or PM: PM
Duration Minutes: 15
Number Of Witnesses: 7
Number of Objects: 1
Shape of UFO: Fireball
The UFO: Hoverd, Changed Direction