Extra-terestrial And Paranormal Event | York, Pa

Event Description:

My name is Joe. In 2003 I opened up to hearing voices at the age of 25 years old. I had to be put on medication at first, and the doctors diagnosed me with chronic paranoid schizophrenia. At that time I could talk to spirits, see and hear energy, and connect to the Divine. I started going to a New Age bookstore and it helped a lot. In 2009 a vortex opened up and they called it the golden eye, or fourth eye. Spirits and energy flow into it to be cleansed. I started to hear the Earth fly through space, which they called wizard ears. A spirit said that I am a psychic-telepath. I started at that time to have experiences with extra-terrestrials. I could hear their spaceships around me all the time, and still do. There was one spaceship around me since 2004, but now I hear a whole fleet. I am clair-audient and can hear the sounds of their ships with the energy they put off. Sometimes it sounds like music. They do not tell me everything all at once, but they know I like a mystery. One time they said that they are “The United Federation of Planets”, like on Star Trek.

Back in 2008 I read “What is Lightbody”, and it explained everything I’ve been going through since 2003. I opened up on an Ascension track. In 2009 I saw the sun with new eyes and it looked bigger and brighter. I was in my apartment one night and my alarm clock went off at midnight. A voice said “It’s Time”. A golden vortex opened up at the side of me and centered in the middle of my vision. A whole bunch of spirits started to walk through to the golden light. I got teary eyed and started automatically light weaving. They told me it’s the golden eye, or fourth eye.
After that I started having experiences with Arch Angel Ariel. She taught me some lessons and said that if I can pull her energy down on Earth that I can bring her down anywhere, and she has a job for me. I also started having experiences with extra-terrestrials and being placed on holo-decks for training. I can tell the difference when I’m on Earth and aboard a starship by the way we fly through space. I wondered why they didn’t let me off the holo-deck, but then I figured I wouldn’t want to come back for a long time. The extra-terrestrials never uncloaked in front of me. I guess it was a good start, that is what Arial said about our Ascension.

I love the way I feel when I fly through space and the energy I work with. It is a wonderful experience.

My mother has been attending New Age forums (as I do) since 1996. I have sort of a dysfunctional family. My mother is the only one who is metaphysical. I dabble with white magic. I was at a hard place with dealing with the voices and stuff in 2004, and I went to the library and read stuff about Wicca and Sufism. I combined the two and wrote an eight page magic spell, and the higher ups said it was a beautiful spell that got me into Divine magic. The magic spell helped Mother Earth and I with our ascension, and they said I rearranged the Cosmos. I have some wizardry in me too. I cast around a thousand spells, and I don’t really know how many I casted to this day. Arch Angel Ariel said some spells take years. To cast a spell I start with “May the Heavens Grant”, and I end the spell with “through Time and Space”. Ariel said it is my “intent” to do with the spells and one day all my spells will be in a book. I don’t know who is recording my spells because I burn my spells and watch the energy come off them. I am learning to cast spells clairvoyantly, but I like to watch the energy from burning the spell. I guess you don’t have to use pen and paper all the time. Casting a spell should just take a thought. I am very concise with what I put in a spell when I write them.

I’ve been dealing with the spirit realm for ten years. They can become physical too. I am not scared about the Earth Bound spirits who haven’t gone into the light yet. Their energy is dark, and they go to the light in my presence. I was told by a spirit that in the spirit realm I am a celebrity, and I have a close encounter. I wanted to ask your help for validation of what I see and hear for ten years.

Name: Joe
 Type of Event: Extra-terestrial and paranormal
 City or Town: York
 State or Province: Pa
 Country: United States
 Experienced This: 10 years
 Number Of Witnesses: 1