UFO Sighting | Rocky Mount North Carolina | March 12, 1977

From Curtis

Event Description: I was driving to work on 301 highway toward Rocky Mount NC, when out of the corner of my right eye I spotted four full moon-sized white round white objects, traveling over a stand of trees at the far side of a field.

I slowed my car down until I was nearly still(no other traffic on the road) and watched them curve over the trees tops, when suddenly the third object from the end dropped straight down and sank out of sight in the darkness. The remaining three objects continued silently gliding and curving until they were right in front of my car and continued gliding around until they disappeared behind me.

When I arrived at work I was expecting to hear others talking about the objects but apparently I was the only one who saw them so I kept my mouth shut fearing ridicule.

City or Town: Elm City
State or Province: NC
Country: USA
Date: Approximate
Month of Event: March 12, 1977
Day of Event: 12
Time: Approximate
Time of Event: 5:45 AM