UFO Sighting In New York

Sodus Center, New York, USA – 7/13/13 at 8:30-9:00pm

I am writing to report a UFO sighting in New York. I saw three orangish-pink lights slowly and soundlessly flying in a straight line from the southwest, heading northeast, over Sodus Center, New York, on Saturday evening just before total dark. I had the impression of a very low and slow glider plane, with lights on its wing tips, and one on its nose, until the outside lights dropped slightly, giving the impression of a triangle. The partial moon was just a little above the horizon. The glowing lights passed slowly from my left to my right above where the moon appeared to be, and I could see that there was no solid object between, or attached to them. As they passed the center of the moon, one faded out, with the outside and slightly lower ones continuing on momentarily, then they too faded. They appeared to be about 150 feet in the air, although that is hard to judge, but definitely way lower than the clouds. There were no fireworks in the area that nite, and their slow and deliberate movement leaves out sputtering ashes in my opinion. Having discovered that many such ufo sightings across the country have been reported recently, caused me to file a report. The full report can found on my FB page under Todd Kump.