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Prayer is the oldest form of personal therapy in the world.

From earliest recorded history, prayer has been both an expression of spirituality and a source of healing. Gods have come and gone throughout history, but prayer lives on. People pray for food, shelter, safety, health, wealth, weather control, protection, love and parenthood. They pray for relief from poverty, petulance, sickness, death or disaster and so much more.

Some Prayer Is Made To Dark And Evil Powers

Some prayer is made to living things. Some prayer is made to dead things. Some prayer is made to immortals. Most prayers are made to good and benevolent powers, for good and benevolent reasons. But some prayer is made to dark and evil powers for dark and evil reasons. Regardless of whether prayer is made to good or evil, prayer is always made with the belief that the prayer will accomplish something, and that is prayer’s therapeutic power.
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Prayer Is An Action Taken

What is prayer? Most people think of prayer as a request to a realm of sacredness for something they desire. And many prayers are exactly that. But prayer is much, much more than merely a request. Prayer is a vibrant, living power. Prayer is an act of courage, faith, hope and love. Prayer is a personal action taken to protect or better a person’s situation by appealing to a power greater than their own. And the beauty of prayer is that it’s something that anyone can do, anytime, anywhere.

Prayer Is A Personal Superpower

Prayer is a personal superpower and a spiritual connection to the vast unseen and unknown. It’s a telekinetic link to other things, times, dimensions, places and spaces we have that allows us to communicate faster than the speed of light to beings billions and trillions of light years away. And so we pray. Billions and billions of prayers every single day.

Five Purposes Of Prayer

The purpose of prayer is said to be fourfold. First, prayer is used to worship and adore. Second, prayer is a way to express thanksgiving and gratitude. Third, prayer is a way of asking for forgiveness for ourselves and others. Fourth, prayer is a petition to a higher power for wishes to be granted. And fifth, prayer is done to heal.

Payment For Prayer

Jim and Tammy Bakker
Is there an obligation to pay to be prayed for, and/or for answered prayer? No. Still, some people believe that undying servitude must be sworn to someone or something as a way of ‘earning’ the right to have prayers answered. However, the most common belief is that some small payment – a token of appreciation – must be made when prayer’s answered, even if it’s just a silent, “Thank you!” It is this ‘urge to show appreciation we all have that has allowed unscrupulous people to defraud millions of dollars from the public, such as in the case of Jim and Tammy Bakker, featured in the picture above (click on their picture to read more about them). Still, some believe that it’s acceptable to pay for prayer, while some believe that it’s not acceptable to pay. Regardless of the who, what, when, where, why or how of prayer, it literally makes us feel better and must always be freely done from the soul.

Why People Pray

Some people pray out of desperation. Some pray out of remorse. Some pray to survive. Some pray for intercession on behalf of others. Some pray from devotion, some from religious obligation and some to prevent themselves from becoming a social outcast. Some pray only to be seen praying. Some pray no matter who sees them. Some only pray when no one can see them. Some pray sincerely. Some pray insincerely. Some pray often, Some seldom pray. Some pray only when they feel the need. Some pray because they always feel the need. And together, all who pray now numbers in the billions.

Are Prayers Answered?

Most often prayers are accompanied with an expectation that the prayer will be granted. But are they actually answered? Well, whether prayers are answered or not depends entirely upon who you ask. Ask those from the spiritual community and answers will range from, “Sometimes…” to an emphatic, ‘Yes!’ They will cite examples of answered prayer from their own lives and the lives of others as proof and validation. However the scientific community requires substantial and quantifiable proof that it was actually answered prayer and not just ‘coincidence’. Unfortunately, the scientific tools needed to quantify and qualify answered prayer in a tangible way do not exist. And so, because the scientific community cannot establish whether prayers are actually answered, it concludes prayers are not answered.

The Power Of Prayer

We tend to think of ‘power’ as a physical force that moves things. Things that otherwise would likely not move. And indeed physical force is what some power is. But power can also be an emotional force, such as the power to restrain ourselves. So, in the sense of force, prayer is in fact a power. Measured brainwave activity watched through magnetic resonance imagery by multiple researchers has clearly shown when prayer activity is located in the brain, while other instrumentation documented the physiological changes take place during prayer. It was proven that prayer relaxes muscles, slows heart and breathing rates, alters moods and quiets raging minds. These things alone are real and tangible proof that prayer is in fact a power, one that spiritually and physically moves people.

Who To Pray To

Each soul must choose who or what they will pray to, as each soul is given to right to decide what they believe. And it’s common for who or what people pray to change as they emotionally and spiritually mature. Ultimately, most people choose a single entity to direct their prayers to as a way of keeping prayer uncomplicated. As to who to pray to, no one knows if it’s what is being prayed to that really matters, or if it’s the act of praying that is the real therapeutic power.

Supercharged Prayer

Prayer can be ‘supercharged’, a term used to signify increased power.
First, prayer can be supercharged by intensity of emotion. The stronger the feelings felt by the person praying, the more power the prayer will have.
Second, prayer can be supercharged by repeating the prayer many times.
Third, prayer can be supercharged by the unity of multiple souls joining together in a common prayer.
And forth, prayer can be supercharged by electronically sending it anonymously to the ‘great beyond’, which is the service that we provide.