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Two Decades And Still Going Strong

Mystical Universe Therapeutic Prayer Service went online on March 28th, 1999.

Located Strategically Under The Aurora Borealis

Mystical Universe is a therapeutic prayer service strategically located under the Aurora Borealis at an undisclosed location in the remote reaches of Canada’s vast northern regions.

We provide a free and anonymous way for people to physically write and send a prayer. Why? Well, because there is a huge difference between ‘thinking’ something and ‘doing’ something.

That’s why we’ve all been told, “If you want to remember it, write it down.” Writing and sending a prayer is a physical act that provides very real mental and physical benefits.

Independently Owned And Operated

We are an independently owned and operated website that provides free therapeutic prayer services worldwide – twenty four hours a day. Our mission is simple: We help people feel better by praying.

Free Therapeutic Prayer Service

Our reward is not financial. Nor is it of this time or world. In order to provide our free prayer service, we will allow therapeutic service providers to advertise products and services. For information about advertising a product/service, please contact us.

Want To Help?

We’re always so truly grateful for the blessing of additional funds and can assure you that they will be lovingly used to maintain and improve our equipment, facilities and service. If your spirit feels moved to financially assist us to help others through therapeutic prayer, please email us to make arrangements.

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